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Pre‐Team Uniform
Requirements & Information


Now that you are on Pre‐Team, you need to bring your own training equipment
with you to practice on a daily basis, in addition to your suit, towel and goggles.
All of the required equipment can be ordered from our TEAM vendor, Conejo
SwimWorks and delivered to you. You can access their ordering website by going
to the center website (rosebowlaquatics.org) then clicking on “Swim Team” in the
list at the bottom of the page. Then click on the “TEAM Uniform Information”
Here are the REQUIRED items:
(1) Speedo team suit (for meets only). You may wear any suit for practice.
Boys may choose from brief or jammer styles. Girls have choices on strap
design. Our suits are black with a team logo.
(2) Speedo Junior Kickboard (the junior size kick board is used by all ages on
our team up through the oldest kids. The size and design are best suited for
(3) Speedo Jr. Pull Buoy.
(4) Speedo Fins. The brand on the website is the preferred kind.
(5) Speedo Mesh bag. The best way to bring your gear is to pack it all in a
mesh “net bag”. Swimmers can put these by the side of the pool by their
training group and have ready access to fins, paddles, and pull buoy, as
needed. These are meant to drain and get wet!
(6) One TEAM t‐shirt in red, black or white. For intersquad meets, you get a
choice of color, so you only need to buy one at this point.
The suit and one t‐shirt are the only required clothing at this stage. However, you
should feel free to buy a Speedo team sonic jacket, pants or parka (optional).
Parkas are monogrammed and need about a month+ for delivery. If you would
like one for winter meets, please order them soon. Conejo is periodically on deck
(next on Nov. 3rd during practice times) for you to look at merchandise and get
sizing advice.